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Wanderer’s Way

Wanderer’s Way (2023) is an interactive installation that allows viewers to explore a new and unfamiliar world. This pieceexplores the uncertainty of life and conquering the fear of the…

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Identity Mask

Identity Mask is a digital-physical hybrid that allows its user togenerate and wear a persona with specific features, digitallycomposited across five screens using imagery from a facialdatabase. It…

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EKA in Natural-Abstract Realities

The artwork combines kinetic origami and the Indian folk art of Warli with an experience ofaugmented reality to explore co-existence.

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Error 404: NOT FOUND

Error 404 - Not Found is a video installation reflecting the absurd phenomenon of the cyber space in China

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Pratt Shows: Design 2017

Explore the year’s boldest ideas at Pratt Institute’s curated year-end shows of work by the 2017 graduating class. Pratt Shows includes fine art installations, film screenings, readings,…

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Mei Li - The Blue Butterfly

Mei Li (M.F.A. Digital Arts ’17)

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NOUMENA Nicholas Dease

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SCENT OF LOVE Chengcheng Feng

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SECOND GEN Sherie Weldon

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FACE Long Jiang

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SSTP Mindy Mosher

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ALIVE Hang Wei

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CAGE Du Pengpeng

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