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Worm - A Cuban American Odyssey

From “America’s illustrator in chief” ( Fast Company), a stunning graphic memoir of a childhood in Cuba, coming to America on the Mariel boatlift, and a defense of democracy, here…

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Helen Britton, Jewelry

Artist and Educator Helen Britton presents an Archival Exhibition and Artist Talk during NYC Jewelry Week.Stories From Elsewhere are seven vignettes into my practice taken from the past 30 years of…

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Dr. Géraud Krawezik

Dr. Géraud Krawezik from the Flatiron Institute, a research division of the Simons Foundation. Dr. Krawezik ,Demystifying Machine Learning: How are Generative AI Systems Trained and How Do…

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Pratt Earth Action Week

The Pratt Sustainability Center is delighted to announce that this Fall’s Pratt Earth Action Week (PEAW) took place from October 17-23, 2022. This week-long series of sustainability events…

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Interior Design - Emerging Objects

This presentation will focus on the 3D-printed architectural and interior environments designed and built by Virginia San Fratello with her studio Emerging Objects. Her research into all things…

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Taste as perceptual bias, or do AIs have taste? A book-talk

Pratt Interior Design Professor Karin Tehve will present case-studies from her book, Taste, Media and Interior Design, published by Routledge in 2023.Based on class that she has taught in the…

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School Of Architecture Welcome

School of Architecture presents an general overview of the department.2023.08.28

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2023.08.24 Community Values and DEI

Pratt Institute aspires to be a campus that welcomes and encourages individuals of all backgrounds to contribute to our culture as their authentic selves. The Office of Diversity, Equity and…

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2023.08.23 School of Information Orientation

The information you see changes the world that you perceive—this is the idea at the heart of the School of Information here at Pratt. Across four core programs, we explore everything from…

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2023.08.23 Graduate Student Orientation

President Bronet will welcome all Graduate Students to Pratt. You’ll hear about the services available to you as a Pratt student at both Pratt Manhattan and Brooklyn campus as well as academic…

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2023.08.22 Academic Orientation Q & A

This informal Q&A with representatives from Foundation and General Education faculty as well as advising and fellow Pratt students. We are eager to talk to you about all things class and…

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2023.08.20 Parents Welcome

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2023.08.21 President's Welcome

President Bronet welcomes new students

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Dealing with Creative Burnout

Creative burnout is a common experience amongst creatives. Join this session to learn more about what creative burnout is, what it might look like, tools for helping move through it, and how you can…

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Report a Problem

This video covers how to troubleshoot and report issues related to accessing our electronic resources.

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State of the Institute 2022

President Bronet’s State of the Institute Address returns in person for 2022.

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