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How to Watch 16mm Films

Do you know you can watch old movies in the library? Here's how! Music: KronoMuzik. "Track 5." [Twitch safe] Animal Crossing Lofi Chill Hop Mix 🎧 🌴, 2020.

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How to Find a Book

Need help finding a book? Our little library villagers can show you the way. Music: Closed on Sunday. "animal crossing new horizons ~ lofi (1 hour)." 2020.

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How to Watch Movies and TV

Explore Twin Peaks and other titles in our Film & Video collections at Watch the full shot-for-shot remake of the dream sequence here:…

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Pratt and Punctum: A Program on Open Access and Climate Justice

In observance of International Open Access Week, Pratt Institute Libraries hosted this virtual event to showcase its partnership with Punctum Books. Since the theme for Open Access Week 2022 was…

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How To Use Databases Like a Pro

Knowing about some of the advanced features in our database discovery service can help improve your skills as a researcher. Watch this video for some useful tips.

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Thesis Discovery and Embargos

The aim of this video is to explain how digital theses can be discovered in the library collection. It will also cover embargos, which is important for graduate students to consider when it comes…

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Intro to Artstor

Learn the basics of Artstor.

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Intro to

This is a quick guide on how to create an account and get started using

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Keyword Brainstorming

Your choice of keywords can make or break a database search. Watch this video for tips on how to brainstorm better keywords.

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Using Basic Library Search Tools

First time searching for library resources? Watch this video!

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Adding Streaming Videos to the LMS

Want to share streaming videos from the libraries' collections on the LMS? We can show you how!

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Intro to Library Research

First time writing a research paper? We've got you covered!

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Adding eBooks to the LMS

Want to provide your students quick access to our eBooks on the LMS? We'll show you how!

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100 Years in Library Park

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Carolyn Li-Madeo

Presentation by Carolyn Li-Madeo from the Nonbinary & Gender Nonconforming Wikipedia Edit-a-Thon, held at the Pratt Institute Library on March 19, 2019. Carolyn is a UX Designer for the…

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Jennifer Miller

Artist talk by Jennifer Miller from the Nonbinary & Gender Nonconforming Wikipedia Edit-a-Thon, held at the Pratt Institute Library on March 19, 2019. Jennifer is the director and founder of…

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