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Wasteless Revolution - CEL Capstone 2023

In an independent study conducted by Resource Recycling Systems (RRS), 63% of universities sampled in the US have an established recycling program on campus. Yet, the average recycling rate is only…

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ALR Collective - CEL Capstone 2023

Emerging artists in non-western communities lack local opportunities to access the art market and supportive ecosystems that help them attain financial sustainability and contribute meaningfully to…

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MAAP - CEL Capstone 2023

Public high school students residing in lower-income NYC districts are statistically less likely to have access to digital technologies and skills-building programs that can prepare them for…

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Waterwise NYC - CEL Capstone 2023

The context for our research was borne out of mutual interests in cultural work steeped in sustainability. We narrowed in on the potential of our waterways, and how issues of access, development, and…

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Next Century Sourcing - CEL Capstone 2023

The need for environmentally friendly furniture has increased along with the demand for green buildings. We are seeing the push for sustainability from the commercial side of furniture due to these…

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Lands of Trust - CEL Capstone 2023

According to First Peoples Fund market research, approximately 30% of all Native (American) peoples are practicing or potential artists living below the poverty line. Globally, government and social…

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ES.Genius - CEL Capstone 2023

In the software entertainment industry, consumers are unaware of the impact that video games can have on the environment and are hesitant to change their gaming habits despite climate change. In…

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Project Ubuntu - CEL Capstone 2023

In 2021, the United Nations (UN) concluded that, of all external factors, food loss and food waste contributed most to food insecurity. 60% of the workforce in sub-Saharan Africa is engaged in the…

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Evolving Traditions in Art, Information Technology

How does Information Technology help the evolution of traditions in Art?

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Spring Fest


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