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Joy Street

Joy Street is the story of a woman's journey from suicidal despair to personal renewal, with the help of an unlikely spirit guide. Year: 1985 Filmmaker: Piotr Dumala Link to catalog…

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Gentle Spirit

Gentle Spirit depicts the psychological landscape--fraught with entrapment and violence--between a young woman and an ominous male figure. Year: 1985 Filmmaker: Piotr Dumala Link to catalog…

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Ape features a grouchy, married couple battling daily over their nightly dinner--a cooked, whole monkey. Year: 1992 Filmmaker: Julie Zannarchi Link to catalog record:…

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Abductees tells the story of five true tales of alien abduction. Year: 1995 Filmmaker: Paul Vester Link to catalog record: Also available as a DVD:…

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Acclaimed educator, designer, and author Dagmar Richter has been named chair of Pratt Institute's Undergraduate Architecture Department. Richter, who has been a teaching professor and chair of…

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Sara Greenberger Rafferty, Pratt Photography Lectures

About the talk, Rafferty says: “Rather than current work I will talk about work I made in the wake of the financial meltdown of 2008 using simple materials I had on hand and low…

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ROH 2020

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Local Eyes - Jason Vigneri-Beane and Jeffrey Anderson - ROH

This is a video for the Local Eyes research project by Jason Vigneri-Beane and Jeffrey Anderson. Local Eyes is a hybrid physical-virtual platform for environmental sensing through architectural…

From  Jason Vigneri-Beane on April 24th, 2020 26 plays

Finding Books on the Shelf

Need help locating books in our stacks? We can help!

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A Vietnam Bias

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Research Open House 2020 — Social Practice Kitchen

Social Practice Kitchen Pratt Institute Seed Grant 2019-2020 Primary Investigator Amanda Huynh, Assistant Professor industrial Design Research Assistant Kai Chuang, Undergraduate Senior Industrial…

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Now, more than ever, leaders and stakeholders of organizations and the communities they serve need cultural resilience. Fusión, a multicultural cohort of Arts and Cultural Managers, developed…

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Out of Thin Air

Using Scent to Talk about Forest Succession and Atmospheric ScienceForests pre-logging smelled different from today's forests, and that smell is ever-changing as forest succession and climate…

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