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INTtalks - Living on Net Zero

Betty leads a presentation of a case study demonstrating the sustainable restoration of an 1884 structure, off-the-grid systems, environmental stewardship and lifestyle embraced to approach…

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Other Voices, Other Rooms -- Danish Modern Design

Thomas discusses how the success of Danish design made it possible for a lot ofpeople to fit their homes with modern furniture, lamps, textiles, tabletops, andmore. This lecture explores this process…

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INTtalks - Building Cities to LAST

Caleb Crawford is a Registered Architect, a LEED AP, and Certified Passive House Designer. He has an award-winning practice with his partner and wife Annie Coggan. He is in his third decade…

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INTtalks - The Memory Threshold

“There are as many versions of a story as there are listeners. There are as many experiences as there are players. It is not the voice that commands the story: it is the ear.” - Italo…

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Other Voices, Other Rooms -- It's All About Mood

In this presentation, Edmund reflects on over 20 years of shooting architecture and interiors, and discusses how narrative and mood remain central to an effective photoshoot.Edmund Sumner is a…

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Specific & Familiar: Imagination from and of the Quotidian

Inspired by the most ordinary spaces that we pass by everyday, Specific and Familiar is a long-term project by AICAD Post-Grad Fellow Gweny Jin, that through multiple formats and media, explores the…

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INTtalks - Narrative Spaces

This presentation focuses on how interiors can be shaped to communicate narrative and cultural identity by weaving together history, artifacts, oral testimonies, and photographic and documentary…

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Report a Problem

This video covers how to troubleshoot and report issues related to accessing our electronic resources.

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Pratt Young Alumni Perspectives + Career Paths Panel

Watch a recording of the in-person panel "Pratt Young Alumni Perspectives + Career Paths," featuring young alumni based in NYC who shared their experiences and advice navigating creativity…

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Designing for Our Future Selves, a Discussion with Jeremy Myerson and Paul Priestman

Pratt's Director of Exhibitions, Nick Battis hosted this Zoom event in conjunction with the Pratt Manhattan Gallery exhibition "New Old: Designing for Our Future Selves," a touring…

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Art Today: New Growth, New Form at Pratt Manhattan Gallery

The Zoom Panel Art Today: New Growth, New Form at Pratt Manhattan Gallery will took place February 15, 6 PM, EST. Nick Battis, director of Exhibitions, Pratt Institute introduced the moderators Ellen…

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INTtalks - Teaching Sustainability I

INTtalks: Teaching SustainabilityThis INTtalks celebrates how the Interior Design Faculties integrate sustainability in their courses. The aim is for our design community to be able to share, discuss…

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INTtalks - Self-Discovery and Expression through Academia and Design

Jamel Williams Pratt Interior Design MFA'17Using educational experience, environmental and cultural exposure, and understanding of some of the issues of Interior Design in relation to access and…

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INTtalks - Discovering the Unexpected

Dylan is an interior design graduate student at Pratt, currently working on his thesis which explores the intersection between tourism and design. This past summer he resided in Tulum, Mexico…

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INTtalks - The Book of Errors

Annie Coggan - The Book of Errors Annie will discuss the recently published The Book of Errors and give insight into the process of creating the book with the publisher A Public Space and Graphic…

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How To Use Databases Like a Pro

Knowing about some of the advanced features in our database discovery service can help improve your skills as a researcher. Watch this video for some useful tips.

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