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Game Arts Portfolio Reel 2023

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Pratt DDA :: BFA 2D Animation Reel

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Pratt DDA :: MFA 3D Animation and Motion Arts Reel

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Pratt DDA :: BFA 3D Animation and Motion Arts Reel

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Pratt DDA :: Interactive Arts BFA Open Studios 2018

Open studio pizza party in Interactive Arts (now Art + Technology) BFA sophomore studios, Spring 2018. Featuring: Holly Adams, Tess Adams, Anthony Cavieles, Heidy Cordero, Lauren Dimaya, Michael…

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A welcome compilation of documentation from all Interactive & Imaging artworks of 2021. Featuring works by artist and title: Scentesia, by Tess Adams, BFA Interactive Sanctuary, by Jenna…

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Wanderer’s Way

Wanderer’s Way (2023) is an interactive installation that allows viewers to explore a new and unfamiliar world. This pieceexplores the uncertainty of life and conquering the fear of the…

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Identity Mask

Identity Mask is a digital-physical hybrid that allows its user togenerate and wear a persona with specific features, digitallycomposited across five screens using imagery from a facialdatabase. It…

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EKA in Natural-Abstract Realities

The artwork combines kinetic origami and the Indian folk art of Warli with an experience ofaugmented reality to explore co-existence.

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Error 404: NOT FOUND

Error 404 - Not Found is a video installation reflecting the absurd phenomenon of the cyber space in China

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Prattfolio SS23 Elissa White DMT video

Elissa Queyquep White, visiting professor of dance/movement therapy, an originator of the field, shares the fundamental, transformative power of dance across generations.

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Part of Pratt’s Fine Arts Department Visiting Artists Lecture Series (VALS) made possible by a generous grant from the Robert Lehman Foundation. Ayanah Moor (b. 1973, Norfolk, VA) is a Black…

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Designing for Our Future Selves, a Discussion with Jeremy Myerson and Paul Priestman

Pratt's Director of Exhibitions, Nick Battis hosted this Zoom event in conjunction with the Pratt Manhattan Gallery exhibition "New Old: Designing for Our Future Selves," a touring…

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INTtalks - Interdisciplinary Practices

Lex Braes - Visiting Associate Professor Pratt Interior DesignI'll focus on three live performances I made in collaboration with dance and theatre over the last 10 years, to show how…

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Savannah Knoop is a New York-based artist who insights strategies of permission and consent through writing, performance, and object-making. In 2001, Savannah Knoop founded the clothing line Tinc,…

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Robert Lee Morris, NYC JEWELRY WEEK

In conjunction with New York City Jewelry Week, Pratt Jewelry presents a lecture by Jeweler, Metalsmith and Designer Robert Lee Morris.

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