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PRATT SCHOLARS VIRTUAL PANEL: on the occasion of The Fourteenth International Conference, Design Principles & Practices, November 11-13, 2020.

ADVOCACY IN DESIGN: ENGAGEMENT, COMMITMENT, and ACTION From person to group, community to culture, nation to globe (and back), what is Advocacy in Design? Designers of all definitions have long…

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Local Eyes - Jason Vigneri-Beane and Jeffrey Anderson - ROH

This is a video for the Local Eyes research project by Jason Vigneri-Beane and Jeffrey Anderson. Local Eyes is a hybrid physical-virtual platform for environmental sensing through architectural…

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Out of Thin Air

Using Scent to Talk about Forest Succession and Atmospheric ScienceForests pre-logging smelled different from today's forests, and that smell is ever-changing as forest succession and climate…

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Designing for Solitary Bees

This project was created for the Pratt Research Open House 2020. This video is about the process of building mason bee houses, utilizing a variety of techniques, which include both analog and…

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Organized & moderated by Dr. Layla Zami In the realm of the HA&D pilot seminar on Art & Social JusticeCo-sponsored by the Department of Social Science and Cultural Studies, History of Art…

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Join award-winning architect and designer Stephanie Goto for a reflection on her work and recent and forthcoming projects at the Anna and Joseph Syrop Annual Lecture endowed by the Selz Foundation…

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Pratt Sessions 16: Andrew Zago and Mark Lee, "New Architectural Mediums: Objects, Figures, and Fields"

Both Andrew and Mark are influential educators whose completed projects and installations are equally distinctive and impactful. Drawing and modeling underpin the effects of their designs; though in…

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Peter Bohlin

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MAINSTREAMING SUSTAINABILITY: A Conversation with Changemakers at a Time of Change

Recorded June 3, 2019 at the Pratt BF+DA at the Pfizer Building in Brooklyn, NY. Lewis Perkins, President, Apparel Impact Institute Deb Johnson, Executive Director, BF+DA Richa Agarwal, Managing…

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Lehigh Mountaintop Summer Partnership

Lehigh Mountaintop Summer Partnership

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Pratt Shows: Design 2017

Explore the year’s boldest ideas at Pratt Institute’s curated year-end shows of work by the 2017 graduating class. Pratt Shows includes fine art installations, film screenings, readings,…

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2017 Pratt Fashion Show

Pratt Institute presented its 118th annual runway show to a full house that included fashion industry professionals and members of the Pratt community who gathered to see curated looks by graduating…

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AICAD at Pratt 2017 : Student Perspectives

Association of Independent Colleges of Art & Design (AICAD) at Pratt Institute Recorded June 16, 2017 in Memorial Hall Auditorium. Student attendees report back on their insights and…

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AICAD at Pratt 2017 :Rethinking Disability Accommodations & Best Practices in Accommodating Students with Disabilities in Art & Design Programs

Association of Independent Colleges of Art & Design (AICAD) at Pratt Institute Recorded June 15, 2017 in Main Building room 212. a. Rethinking Disability Accommodations: This session will…

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AICAD at Pratt 2017 :Integrating Entrepreneurship Education & Opportunities for Student Success

Association of Independent Colleges of Art & Design (AICAD) at Pratt Institute Recorded June 16, 2017 in Main Building room 210. This session explores one AICAD member's assertive effort to…

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Kai Lin (B.I.D. ’15) Designs Mountain Goat-Inspired Prosthetic for Rock Climbing

Industrial design student Kai Lin (B.I.D. ’15) designed KLIPPA, a prosthetic leg for amputee rock climbers, for Professor of Industrial Design Jonathan Thayer’s Aesthetics of Prosthetics…

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