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Ava Aviva Avnisan, Transing the Archives: Generative AI Against the Grain

Ava Aviva Avnisan (she,they), Transing the Archives: Generative AI Against the Grain Assistant Professor School of Art & Design School of Journalism & Media Studies San Diego State University

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Maceo Morgan , AI / Art Pratice

Maceo Morgan shares his perspective on his hopes, usage and definition of AI. The video highlights work examples of AI-incorporated creative practices he utilizes, while interning at Pratt's…

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Dr. Seiji Isotani

Empowering Education with AI: From Concepts to Implementation The history of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is intrinsically connected with our journey to understand the building blocks that define…

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Carlos Xavier Soto

How Artificial Intelligence Learned to Create and What It Could Mean for Education. Carlos Xavier Soto, Computer Scientist from Brookhaven Labs talks to the Pratt community about Artificial…

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